100% Natural Bamboo straws

Say goodbye to damaging plastics and embrace a natural alternative

Customized laser engraving

Savor precious memories and tell your brand's story

Hand crafted

Natural straws, made with love in the mountains of Thailand


BAMBEW bambo eco straws are able to be reused over and over again. They can be easily transported, are easy to clean and won't rot or mold. 

Eco Friendly

Hand finished and steam cleaned with food safe citrus oil, our straws are completely biodegradable.


Our straws are produced from mature, organic bamboo plants from Chiang Mai, hand crafted by local artisans. 


Eco friendly straws that won't cost the earth



These straws are awesome! Super easy to clean, and easy to carry in a handbag or any bag!
I will continue to reccomend them highly!

Deanna C

LOVE these straws!! I feel I am doing what I can for the environment even though it is only small steps. These feel great and leave no taste. I will be purchasing more. 

Petra F

so handy to have around, feels really nice in the hand too. nice and strong as well. steel is nice, but it's really nice to have something that's made from as natural a source as possible.

Dallas O


Our Mission

Each day one billion plastic straws are used across the globe, wreaking devastation across our oceans. They entangle marine animals and are consumed by birds and fish, causing untold damage to our ecosystem and food chain. 

There is a better way and this passion to find natural alternatives to damaging single use plastics is what drives us, starting with straws and moving onto a complete range of eco-friendly products. 

The future is bright. The future is bamboo. 

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