Wholesale Bamboo Straws

Purchase bulk bamboo straws for your event, festival, school or business. 

There is a growing consciousness about the damage caused by single use plastics and businesses are beginning to look to more sustainable solutions.

Already consumers are demanding eco-friendly alternatives. Be a trendsetter and join early adopters that have already made the eco-conscious decision to use bamboo rather than damaging plastic today. Purchase wholesale bamboo straws today and save. 


Private label manufacturing is us making something stunning just for you, that is labeled and branded as your own product. We create beautiful, unique, private label products and packaging for many of our customers.

If you would like to start selling bamboo straws as a part of your range, but making it is just not your thing, we would love to create something wonderful just for you and your business. 

Our wholesale bamboo straws can be tailored to your needs. Leverage your brand's presence by branding straws with your unique logo or a laser engraved message. We can also customize the length to your needs and produce custom packs with a sleeve or pouch and bamboo straw cleaner.