It's the people behind Bambew that makes the company what it is. We're proudly based in Vietnam where we work hand in hand with our team of local artisans to create all our products.

As a values-driven company, Bambew is equally committed to both the planet and to supporting fair labor practices. We believe everyone should share the benefits of a day's work and we're proud to be able to create opportunities in rural VIetnam and provide meaningful pathways for community development.


A true nomad at heart, Luke settled in Southeast Asia in 2015 after living across 4 continents. A trip to the beaches in Thailand impacted him greatly, where the amount of waste being discarded was choking the oceans... He decided to do something about it, forming Bambew as a sustainability focussed venture with people at its heart.


Don't let her youthful appearance deceive you, Rainy has been able to experience much of the world, travelling across Europe and studying in Singapore. She is passionate about the environment and is a critical partner in Bambew, pushing to develop sustainable practices both in Vietnam and across the globe.


Ms Phien married her sweetheart and started a family in her early 20s but was unsatisfied with being a stay at home mum. Through Bambew, she's learned how to build and run a team and is now essential part of the Bambew crew, ensuring team morale is high and maintainging quality standards .


Phien was armed with a desire to create a positive impact on the world and at the same time providing income to support his growing family. Through Bambew, Mr Phien has been able to provide employment for many people in his village, helping stop the urbanization process and keeping families together.


Thuy's works in our factory cutting and trimming the bamboo to ensure consistent size, length and quality. She sometime assists her colleague in other stages, too. Her dream is for her husband to take her on a trip somewhere far away!


Thu is responsible for sanding and polishing up the straws. She is constantly lighting up the space with her smile. The other thing she loves, besides her job, is cooking and her fresh cooked VIetnamese food is absolutely amazing!


Nam helps out at the work shop during the summers, when he doesn't have school. He's gotten great at making coconut-fiber cleaners. His biggest hobby is playing football and competing in local games. He'd love to become a professional chef in the future!


With few employment opportunities in Thanh Hoa, Son spent much of his life working in big cities. This time spent away from his family meant he was often isolated and lonely so he is pleased to be part of the Bambew crew, able to work hand in hand with his family and spending time with his children and grandchildren.