aerial view showing Vietnam bamboo production farm


Hand-made bamboo products made in beautiful Vietnam

Bambew is pleased to be based in Vietnam, working closely with our production partners in the mountainous region of Thanh Hoa province. All of our bamboo straws and other products are individually harvested and hand-crafted by local artisans in our family-run farm approximately 150km south of Hanoi.


Our passionate team are committed to producing to the highest standard, with careful attention paid to make all our products. We invested a lot of time developing relationships with our production partners, ensuring they share our mission and vision for a plastic-free future.


We create all of our products with a few core principals in mind:

Sustainable bamboo ready to be made into bamboo straws


bamboo forest in Vietnam


Vietnamese child riding his bike past bamboo stalks


woman drying bamboo straws in preparation for production of bamboo straws


Our Principles

SUSTAINABLE: With warm temperatures and high humidity, Vietnam provides the perfect conditions for bamboo, the world's fastest growing grass (yes, it’s a grass!), reaching maturity in just three years. The vibrant green leaves dominate the Vietnamese countryside, where the plant grows abundantly and sustainably.


ORGANIC & NATURAL: The bamboo that we use for our straws is completely organic, growing naturally and without the need for fertilizers or pesticides. Our process is 100% natural, meaning that production of our products doesn’t contribute to potentially damaging chemicals contaminating ground-water.


ETHICAL: We are firmly committed to ethical business practices and have strong personal relationships with our production team, who are a vital part of our success. We pay all our staff above market rates and are hands-on in the process to ensure that all of our products are made under happy and healthy conditions.


CUSTOMIZABLE & UNIQUE: We try to use every part of each bamboo stalk, which means that there is some slight variation in the thickness meaning every one of our products are unique, just like you! To add further personalization, we love to further enhance our products with laser engraving of the text or logo of your choice. Find out more here.  

How We Make Our Straws


manufacturing bamoo straws in beautiful Vietnam
The wonderful production team for bamboo
drying individual bamboo straws in Vietnam farm
Bamboo straws nestled in woven basket
Cutting bamboo into individual pieces ready to become a bamboo straw
Bamboo pieces drying on the side of the road
Man moving bamboo straws in baskets
Child playing with bamboo stalks in Vietnam