Bio Ashtray

Bambew is pleased to offer beautiful and stylish 100% biodegradable portable ashtrays.

These light and eco-friendly portable ashtrays can be carried in a pocket or bag, allowing users to store their cigarette butts safely and butt out waste.

Custom Bamboo
Portable Ashtrays


Our bamboo ashtrays use natural bamboo from Vietnam, grown sustainably and without the use of any pesticides. We follow ethical practices.

Other portable ashtrays are made from synthetic materials, which are just as much of a problem as cigarette butts.

How our ashtrays work

How to use your ecological ashtrays pocket

The lid is designed to open and close your easily, with space for your logo to be engraved on stylishly.

Turn the lid 180 degrees to open your ashtrays.

Insert your cigarette butt through the hole then turn the lid 180 degrees to close your ashtrays.

To empty and clean your ashtray, simultaneously turn and pull the lid up.

Did you know?
  • 4.5 trillion cigarette butts end up in our oceans each year.
  • Cigarette butts are the most common object found in beach clean-ups around the world?
  • In most countries cigarette butt litter accounts for around 50% of all litter.
  • Over 4,500 fires a year are caused by cigarettes and smokers' materials in Australia.

Whilst global rates of smoking are declining, cigarette butts are still the world’s most littered item.

Our ecological pocket ashtrays are a practical and bold statement piece. Made from all-natural materials, they’re a stylish and practical way to say goodbye to cigarette butt pollution.

Using them will always be an opportunity for new conversations and for educating people about the pollution caused by discarded cigarette butt waste.

When you make it easy, people will do the right thing.

‘It’s just one butt’

A single discarded butt is not seen as an issue and but they add up. Trillions of cigarette butts mokers will take responsibility for their litter if it’s made easy for them to do so.

Most portable ashtrays are made from synthetic materials and will last just as long as the cigarette waste they are trying to prevent. Ideal size for slipping into a pocket alongside other smoking paraphernalia so buts can be disposed of in a suitable bin.

A completely biodegradable solution to Stop Burning Holes through Tacky Plastic 'Ashtrays