Bambew partners with The Strawgle to help create a plastic free future

World Merit

Bambew are incredibly pleased to announce our collaboration with The Strawgle as part of their World Merit campaign in support of the United Nations Sustainability and Development Goals. 

World Merit is a platform that brings together young people from around the world to address global issues, providing opportunities for local action to increase global sustainability. 

UN Sustainability Development Goals

The Strawgle is an initiative devised by a passionate young group of educators and scientists, brought together by a shared commitment to keeping our oceans clean and free of plastic waste. 

The group is comprised of Eline Postma, Louise Lysen, Laura Bailes and Nicolette Cross with a vision to build awareness of the damaging effect of plastic straws on our marine environment. Their specific focus is on helping retailers realize the damage of single-use plastics and instead moving towards environmentally friendly alternatives like natural bamboo straws.

The Strawgle founders
Changing individual consumption habits is important, but with billions of straws being used every day, the problem needs to be tackled from the top down. Their work has already seen a number of establishments making the shift from plastic to bamboo and we hope this is just the beginning of a cultural shift towards a more sustainable future. 

In support of The Strawgle, Bambew has pledged to contribute 10% of the value of all wholesale orders made through the campaign to help them continue their advocacy on this important issue. 

If you are involved in the hospitality industry or have contacts that may be interested, click through to our Wholesale page and find out how you can make the shift to bamboo and be a part of the solution.