The Queen Bans Plastic Straws Thanks To David Attenborough

This means war!

The battle against single use plastic has just gained an unlikely ally in Queen Elizabeth II.

The monarch has completely banned plastic bottles and plastic straws on royal estates after a meeting with one of the world's most famous naturalists and nature documentations. 

The move was said to be inspired after the pair worked together on a documentary about wildlife in the Commonwealth according to an article in The Telegraph.

A spokesman for the palace has said that the palace has a “strong desire to tackle the issue” and would do so by cutting back plastics, such as straws and plastic bottles.

“Across the organisation, the royal household is committed to reducing its environmental impact," he said. 

As part of this , the palace is phasing out plastic straws in public cafes and banning them completely from staff dining areas. All packaging and containers will now be compostable or biodegradable and all the properties of Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace and the Palace of Holyroose House in Edinburgh will exclusively use glassware, crockery or recyclable cups. 

The move follows a plan announced by the EU to make all plastic in Europe recyclable or reusable by 2030. 


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