How Bobo is having a whale of a time teaching kids about sustainability

The question how best to teach kids about sustainability has finally been answered  - Bring an 11 meter, LED light adorned killer whale into the school’s playground and make art in its belly of course. 

That's exactly what Sang Foundation have done, using ‘Bobo the Whale’ to raise awareness of the problems with single-use disposable plastic to the next generation. Through a series of engaging workshops and classes, they're challenging the next generation to combat the perils of plastic waste and help create cleaner seas. 


Named after the French word for 'pain', the enormous whale is hollow inside, allowing kids to enter into Bobo's belly where eager young learners spent time learning about the damage that plastic waste does and brainstorming ways to reduce it. They have taken the concept to Regent International School, Bangkok Pattana International School, the ASEAN Conference for Ocean Debris and most recently at St Andrews International. 


The program focuses on simple steps that everyone can take like bringing bags to the supermarket and using your own water bottle or flask rather than buying plastic bottled water. Additionally, all students were given a reusable Bambew bamboo straw so they can say no to damaging single use plastic straws now and into the future. 

bamboo straws


Kids made plastic mobiles to hang inside Bobo so that people would understand just how much plastic waste ends up being consumed by marine life. Some estimates say that at least 100 million marine animals are killed each year from plastic pollution. The activity has helped inspire a new generation of kids on how to reduce their environmental impact.

bamboo straws


Plastic is increasingly becoming a serious threat to both our environment and daily life. It is already a global problem but Thailand is one of the largest contributors to ocean-borne plastic waste. It’s great that groups like Sang Foundation are taking action to prevent further damage to our oceans and working towards a healthier, cleaner future for all the creatures that call this planet home. 



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