5 simple tricks to reduce your plastic use

Plastic consumption is skyrocketing and it is doing unimaginable damage to the earth. With 95% of plastic not ever recycled, its time to make some changes. We take a look at some simple solutions to a global problem. 

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We get it... Plastic has been pretty darn useful in many ways but we need to really examine this relationship, because it's becoming toxic. Even though plastic has only been around for a little over 50 years, its influence has been huge. 


According to Greenpeace, the equivalent of a truck full of rubbish is being dumped in our oceans every minute. Take a moment to really think about that for a second. Every. Minute.


Whilst the problem can seem overwhelming there are loads of simple changes each and every one of us can do to make a difference. We count down some easy ways to limit your impact on the planet.


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Stop buying bottled water

Seriously... Stop it. More than a million plastic bottles are bought around the world EVERY minute. This number is set to jump another 20% by 2021. In 2016 280 billion plastic drinking water bottles were sold, more than double than a decade earlier. Even though it's recyclable, the sheer volume is putting pressure on existing recycling facilities. The better solution is to replace your single use water bottle with a flask or reusable bottle. 


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Ditch single-use straws

Perhaps the biggest symbol of short lived convenience for a lifetime of environmental damage, the plastic straw is one of the top 10 items found in beach cleanups around the world. Marine life confuses it with food, causing damage to turtles and other creatures that call the ocean home. If you can't live without a straw, consider using a biodegradable version like our bamboo straws, designed to return back to the earth at the end of their life cycle. 


bamboo straws

Use reusable cutlery

Most people take the plastic cutlery offered by venues with their take-away food out of habit. It's a nasty habit that needs to change. Currently, about 40 BILLION plastic utensils are used just within the United States within a year. Worldwide, this becomes a figure at 16 times this magnitude. A majority of these utensils are only used once and then discarded. Stop being such a jerk to the planet and instead, bring your own wooden or metal cutlery with you.


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Bring your own bag

It's taken a while, but across the world, people are wising up to the damaging effect of single use plastic bags. England introduced a 5p charge on all single use plastic bags and their use went down by 85% within 6 months. So if you're not already bringing your own, you're already behind the trend. Even better, check out how useful multi-pocket bags can be. 


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Get loose

When you purchase loose fresh fruit and vegetables, you're avoiding excess packaging and moving one step closer to a plastic-free future. A fantastic solution to bringing herbs and other smaller produce home are mesh bags where you can zip up your stash and keep it separate from the rest of your groceries. 


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