Global Brands Make a Stand: 5 Big Companies Doing BIGGER Things for The Planet

As important as it is for individuals to do their part for the environment, it is impossible to reverse our collective impact without the cooperation of big business. With supply chains spanning multiple continents, these corporate empires do more damage a day than one person can in a lifetime. But the future is looking bright, as many of these corporations are now taking responsibility and making serious strides towards sustainable practises.

solar panelsSolar Panels


The 7th largest grocery chain in the world is setting the bar high for green policy. In 2017, the company announced it would run on 100% renewable energy worldwide by 2030. A big promise that is seeing action, Tesco has already begun rolling out solar panels on many of its larger stores in the UK. This commitment falls in line with the chain’s other initiatives that include investment in biodiesel trucks for store deliveries and a commitment to install 2,400 electric vehicle charge points across store locations in the next three years.

number 4


E-waste has quickly become one of the most problematic by-products of our techno-saturated society. HP is taking responsibility for its contribution by implementing a comprehensive recycling strategy. The program has seen approximately 65% of all its ink cartridges made from recycled plastics, diverting the equivalent of 25 million plastic bottles from landfill. The program has help HP secure an award for the 4th most sustainable company in the U.S.

flying shoes 


The running shoe giant has turned to R&D to reduce their eco impact. Brooks targeted one of the least biodegradable aspects of their product and used science to find a solution. BioMoGo is a midsole designed by the company to decompose in landfill. The product reduces the breakdown time of traditional midsoles from 1000 years to just 30, saving approximately 30 million pounds of landfill waste within the same timeframe. The best part is the company is working with others to spread the use of this technology. If any company can reduce its footprint by selling shoes, it’s Brooks.

money stuck on the ground

S.C Johnson

Maker of household cleaning products such as Windex and Mr Muscle, S.C Johnson is applying their own elbow grease to give the globe a new shine. The company recognised that many chemicals in their products caused damage to the environment. As a result S.C Johnson removed or replaced these ingredients at significant financial cost. Some products even lost their competitive advantage due to the changes. However, what was lost in dollars, has been gained in consumer trust as their actions solidify their commitment to sustainability and health of the planet.

micky mouse


The happiest place on earth is helping make earth happy with Disneyland sites across the globe embracing sustainable practises. Last year its Florida Park switched on 5 megawatt Mickey Mouse shaped solar facility providing enough energy to power two of its four parks in the state. Not to be outdone, Disneyland Paris runs entirely on geothermal energy. The Shanghai branch has also implemented a combined heating and cooling plant for its park to reduce emissions by 60%.

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