Cleaning Up Their Act: Innovative ways the Hospitality Industry is Tackling Single Use Plastics

Cleaning Up Their Act: Innovative ways the Hospitality Industry is Tackling Single Use Plastics

Restaurants, hotels and airlines all contribute their fair share to the plastic problem but customers demanding change and voting with their dollars. Hotels have started to listen - see what steps are being taken. 
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Planet or Plastic? The rise and fall of plastic straws

There is a quiet revolution happening and consumers are influencing a seismic shift away from single-use plastics. But is it too little too late?
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Biodegradable, Degradable and Compostable - What is the difference?

Confusing terminology can make it difficult to know just what we're buying. We explain just what the difference is between biodegradable, degradable and compostable and what it means for the earth.
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What to do when every time you wash you're destroying the ocean

Did you know that a single wash can release up to 700,000 micro-particles into the ocean? Here's what you can do to make a difference.
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The uncomfortable truth about biodegradable plastics

With the earth's oceans choking on plastic waste, turning to biodegradable plastic appears to be a perfect solution. But what is the real truth about 'bioplastics' and are they really what they claim?
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5 simple tricks to reduce your plastic use

It's not tough to make more eco-friendly choices. There are loads of simple changes each and every one of us can do to make a difference and limit our impact on the earth. We count down five of the easiest.
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5 Zero Waste Tricks That You Should Be Doing Already

In the United States alone, more than 254 million tonnes of waste is generated per year. That is literally enough to stretch to the moon and back... 25 times. We've got some zero-waste tips and tricks that can be easily implemented into your everyday life and help you live more sustainably.
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Trash Hero Thailand are waging war on waste and saving our seas

Volunteers and entrepreneurs fight to keep plastic pollution out of the ocean, one piece at a time. Their efforts against a global epidemic are helping keep Thailand's beaches beautiful and save marine animals in the region. But is it enough? 
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The Queen Bans Plastic Straws Thanks To David Attenborough

The Queen has declared war - on plastic - after being inspired by conservationist David Attenborough. From now on, unnecessary plastic will be banned from Buckingham Palace, starting with bottles and straws.
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Why Bamboo Might Just Save The Planet

Bamboo isn't just a source material for our products, it's probably the most incredible plant on earth. We unveil some of the reasons bamboo is so amazing.
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How to make the ultimate green smoothie

Get yourself lean and green - Making super smoothies doesn't need to be difficult. We've got all the info you need on how to keep lean and green.
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How Bobo is having a whale of a time teaching kids about sustainability

When you bring an 11 meter LED adorned whale into a school playground, kids tend to listen.

Non profit organization SANG are taking an unconventional approach to sustainability education, and it's having incredible results.